Saturday, January 1, 2011

Huzzah! A New Year!

As a new year approaches, filled with reflections of the past year and ideas for the new, I wanted to share with you this beautiful hymn from John Newton.

While with ceaseless course the sun
Hasted through the former year
Many souls their race have run
Never more to meet us here:
Fixed in an eternal state
They have done with all below
We a little longer wait,
But how little none can know.

As the winged arrow flies 
Speedily the mark to find,
As the lightning from the skies
Darts and leaves no trace behind,
Swiftly thus our fleeting days
Bear us down life's rapid stream;
Upward, Lord, our spirits raise,
All below is but a dream.

Thanks for mercies past receive;
Pardon of our sins renew;
Teach us henceforth how to live
With eternity in view;
Bless thy Word to young and old;
Fill us with a Saviour's love;
And when life's short tale is told,
May we dwell with thee above.

by John Newton, 1774

Stand Firm


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