Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Getting out of Google's Grip

Getting out of Google's 'Grip' should be one of the things on our to do list. After watching this video I hope you will agree with me!

(I would advise parental oversight...or foresight)

There are many options to Google.

Blogger is owned by Google. I am using it now although I will be switching to Wordpress.
Wordpress is a very good alternative to blogger and better in many ways.

Gmail....I like gmail myself, but there are other options. One is to buy a domain or get a free one and use a little know-how to set it up for email...and there are other options for just regular free email accounts. Me.com isn't free but it sure is great especially for those with Macs!

Youtube....thats a hard one to leave....Vimeo certainly doesn't have the selection that Youtube has, but there are still other options that you can find for you self, try Googling "Youtube alternatives" (ooops, maybe Bing it instead)

Well, anyway....thats just my opinion!

Enjoy switching!

Stand Firm


Miss Antoinette K. said...

Wow, thanks for sharing! Sadly, I did not know this! argh

I will be switching for sure!

In Christ,

Miss Antoinette

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